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Railroads, Museums & Historical Sites

Discover railroad museums and historical sites to indulge the ardent fan and celebrate the local history. The Amtrak Tyrone Station is an Authentic 1920's train station within walking distance of the B&B.  Find the museum that piques your interest here.

Fort Roberdeau

Step back in history to how pioneers lived and fought during the Revolutionary War-era. Fort Roberdeau, also called the Lead Mine Fort, is a historically accurate reproduction of a fort that once helped defend the young country’s lead mines, which were vitally important to the war effort. Historic displays and reenactments offer an in-depth look at life during that time.

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Gardner's Candies Museum

Gardners Candies is over 100 years old. You can see some of the implements, tools and marketing wizardry that were used to make candy over that century-plus as one of the country’s leading candy companies.

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Horseshoe Curve

One of the wonders of railroad history. Horseshoe Curve is a three-track railroad curve that is about 2,375 feet long and 1,300 feet in diameter. The historic spot also holds a visitor’s center and museum. The site is known as one of the world’s best places for railroad photography.

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Penn State All-Sports Museum

If you’re a fan of Penn State sports, a trip to the All-Sports museum is a necessity. The museum was built to honor the university’s athletes. It’s located on the southwestern corner of Beaver Stadium. There are guided and self-guided tour options.

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Railroaders Memorial Museum

The Railroaders Memorial Museum, located in Altoona, Pennsylvania, celebrates the history of railroad workers and railroad communities in Altoona, but also communities throughout central Pennsylvania. The museum is housed in the Master Mechanics Building, built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1882.

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Tyrone History Museum

Tyrone history is a collection of stories of hard work, innovation, disaster and triumph. The Tyrone Historic Museum tells those stories with displays and documents. The museum is situated along the tracks of the railroad that was instrumental in the building of the town. It’s a great place for photos, too!

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